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For over 20 years, we have been a reputed manufacturer in the medical mattress industry, known for our dedication to creating innovative, comfortable, and durable mattresses that meet the specific requirements of patients in healthcare settings such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Designed to reduce pressure points and prevent bedsores while prioritizing patient comfort and safety, the use of advanced materials and construction techniques create supportive and breathable mattresses that help regulate body temperature and prevent the buildup of moisture and bacteria. We offer excellent customer service, including customization options, timely delivery, and ongoing support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Medical Mattress Designs

Our top priority is customer satisfaction, so we’re proud to have contributed to groundbreaking designs that help prevent bedsores and improve overall patient health. It’s gratifying to see that some of our designs have become bestsellers in the retirement home sector throughout North America.

Products with Health Benefits

With our extensive experience in healthcare product manufacturing, including wedges, positioners, mattresses and pillows, we are here to help you innovate and improve your products’ health benefits. Trust us to provide you with the best solutions in the healthcare market.

Comfort Healthcare Positioners

Foam positioners, made from memory foam or polyurethane foam, provide comfort and support to patients in healthcare for sleeping. Available in various shapes and sizes, we continuously enhance our product offerings with new technologies to improve performance and ease.

Pressure-Relieving Designs

We use our valuable industry expertise to develop pressure-relieving foam mattresses that offer support and comfort to patients with limited mobility. Our high-quality foam materials prevent pressure ulcers and skin breakdowns, provide excellent pressure relief and weight distribution, and promote proper circulation and reduce injury risks. We prioritize safety and quality, working with providers to meet regulatory requirements.

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