For Industrial Applications

Packaging for Presentation

First impressions when a customer unboxes your product is important. We provide a variety of foam hardness levels and colours to achieve the presentation you’re looking for.

Protect and Insulate a Product

We create custom foam inserts to cushion and insulate your precious products from transportation damage and the elements. We even have anti-static foam that prevents electrostatic sparks.

Acoustic Foam for Sound Barriers

Conference rooms and recording studios require high quality egg-crate or pyramid formation foam applications to keep sound from travelling outside the room.

Shipping Dock Protection and Weather Sealing

We provide custom-cut foam that gives you peace of mind; trucks can back into the shipping dock without causing damage.
Our custom-cut foam can also act as an air barrier to seal your building from cold air in winter months.

“Pigs” for Pipe and Sewer Cleaning

We make custom-diameter “bullets” or “foam pigs” for contractors to push through the pipes for de-watering, swabbing, or cleaning.