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Trusted for Over 30 Years

Over the years, we have supplied some of the largest universities and colleges in Canada with their mattresses.  These large institutions trust us with on-time delivery and well-planned installation.

Long-Lasting Quality

Since we fabricate our foam in-house, we ensure that only the very best high-density foam goes into the mattresses.  We also practice this attention to quality when selecting other raw materials like fire-retardant fabrics, durable zippers and closing thread.

Options & Customization

Special sizes and unique requests are a breeze for us.  Our engineering team has a systemized approach to customizations that ensures that your special requests are conveyed and carried out seamlessly on the manufacturing floor.


We go the extra mile: From the purchasing managers, to your house-keeping staff, to the end-users of the mattress, we ensure that all stakeholders are taken care of.

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