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What do we offer / The Foamco Advantage

We can compress and pack smaller than anyone else in Canada. Depending on the mattress thickness and foam density, we can pack your mattress into cartons as small as 32″ x 16″ x 16″. Not only will this smaller volume provide you with freight savings, but it will also open up new transportation options for you (like Canada Post), increasing the service levels available to you, and decreasing your rates.
This reduced package size reduces costs in other parts of your business as well. A smaller carton will reduce your storage and warehousing costs. And, a smaller carton will reduce your handling and logistics costs, whether you do it yourself or outsource it to a 3PL company. Alternatively, if you are selling these mattresses in brick & mortar locations, you can keep more stock on hand for the same space, increasing your cash & carry business.
Our technology gently laterally compresses the mattress to reduce its size. When choosing our compression technology, we did not want to use the traditional method of folding the mattress in half – as this destroys the foam cells at the fold seam, creating problems with the recovery of the foam. What’s more, this destruction occurs at exactly the area in the mattress where you need the most durability: the middle section which bears the most weight. Comparatively, our technology will allow your mattresses to recover better & last longer.
The most important stakeholder in your business is unquestionably the end-consumer of the mattress – and we’re dedicated to making them happier. Our compression technology not only allows you to provide them a lower price, but it also gives them a higher quality mattress that recovers quickly to 100%, with better life. In essence, we help you provide your customer with a great unpacking and sleeping experience, increasing everyone’s happiness.
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