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For over three decades, we have been creating bespoke mattresses with exceptional quality and care, individually handmade by our team of experts.

We guarantee quality with every mattress produced, as our manufacturing process includes inspection to meet industry standards. Our team designs each mattress to perfection, ensuring comfort, durability and support for a good night’s sleep.

Bedding Manufacturing

Mattress Manufacturing

As pioneers in the traditional and foam mattress manufacturing industry, we use our expertise to reinvent the wheel with our quality and innovative line of products. Mattress manufacturing requires careful attention to detail.Each step in our mattress manufacturing process is designed to ensure that only the best materials, designs and construction are utilized to manufacture high-quality mattresses that promote restful sleep.

Private Label Experts

As Private label experts, we specialize in helping businesses and individuals create custom-branded mattresses that meet particular branding and marketing objectives.


Our expertise covers all aspects of mattress manufacturing, including material selection, product design, custom packaging and branding, and overseeing production and quality control to ensure that the final product meets desired specifications.


Our industry knowledge of mattress preferences and consumer trends helps us identify market opportunities and design mattresses that cater to target customers. Combining this with our technical expertise, we offer guidance and support to create successful, high-quality products.

Fabricating Foam is our Focus

With our extensive insights of medical mattress manufacturing, we have a deep understanding of the specific needs and requirements of the healthcare industry. 

Our medical mattresses are designed to provide comfort, support and pressure relief for patients in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare settings. We use high-quality foam materials that are formulated to meet the industry’s demanding requirements, including durability, cleanliness and infection control.

Our commitment to quality and safety is evident in our in-depth testing process and quality control checks to ensure that each mattress meets the highest standards. Our expertise and focus on quality have made us a trusted partner for healthcare providers worldwide.

Chair and Sofa

Mattress Manufacturing

As a pioneering force in the traditional and foam mattress manufacturing industry, we use our expertise to ensure that the production of our mattresses is high-quality and flawless. We have been delivering innovative solutions for decades by constantly reinventing the wheel.

Private Label Experts

We believe in delivering custom-made solutions through our boutique-style design and program creation teams, who work closely with each customer. Our designs and products are always ahead of the curve, assuring comfort, durability and support, guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Medical Mattress Manufacturing

We have a proven track record of creating quality medical mattresses. When the pandemic hit and healthcare providers needed products on a tight timeline, we were able to rise to the challenge and deliver quickly. Our ability to mobilize and execute precisely sets us apart from the competition.

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